The Last Road to Hell

The Last Road to Hell (2007)

Three groups of criminals converge on a warehouse run by a demon conjuring low life. When two kidnapped women release the unexpected, all roads lead to Hell.

"The Last Road to Hell" tells the story of three groups of criminals whose paths bring them together for a weekend they will never forget. Three kidnappers (Russ, Meiko and Kat) kidnap a woman (Patricia) and take her to a warehouse run by a demon conjuring low life (Bill). They are joined there by two young male torture fanatics (Bruce and Ray) and another group of kidnappers (Paul and company). When the two kidnapped females turn out to be more than they bargained for, all roads will lead to Hell.

  • Release Date: 2007-07-13
  • Runtime: 0h 43min
  • Director: Jason Rudy

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  • Ilea Matthews

    Patricia Christy

  • Ashby Arciero


  • Debbie Chang

    Meiko Wu

  • Cynthia Drumbor

    Helen Christy

  • Randy Foos

    Kidnapped man #1

  • Rick Harville

    Kidnapped man #2

  • Kira Hinchman

    Woman in flashback

  • Ryan Hudson


  • Julianna Kemp

    Heather the Demon woman

  • Jessica Kendall

    Gang girl #1

  • Amber Kloss


  • James McCanne


  • Megan Oconnor

    Gang girl Betty

  • Shantel Poole

    Gang girl #3

  • Jason Rudy


  • Phil Stommel


  • Angelo Stowers


  • Isaias Torres

    Paul Christy


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