Ricochet River

Ricochet River (2001)

High school seniors Wade (Jason James Richter) and Lorna (Kate Hudson) have spent all their lives in the small logging town of Calamus Grove, a conservative place where change comes slowly. Jesse Howl (Douglas Spain), a teenager of Native American ancestry, has just moved to Calamus Grove, and soon finds he doesn't fit in this close-knit community. Wade and Lorna go out of their way to befriend Jesse, and soon find that they're also regarded as outcasts among their peers. Eager to get away from the narrow minds which are stifling them, the three friends grab a car and take off for a summer road trip that turns out to be full of lessons in life and love.

star 7.5 4.9
  • Release Date: 2001-10-23
  • Runtime: 1h 52min
  • Director: Deborah Del Prete

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  • John Cullum

    Link Curren

  • Kate Hudson


  • Jason James Richter


  • Eddie Thiel

    Young Wade

  • Tyler Miller

    Roy Shrenk

  • Douglas Spain

    Jesse Howl

  • Richard Zavaglia

    Coach Palermo

  • Sheila Goold

    Reno Howl

  • Matthew Glave

    Frank Jukor

  • Erin Chambers

    Rhonda Rheinbeck

  • Betty Moyer

    Hotel Clerk

  • Art Burke


  • Pedro Shanahan

    David Two Birds

  • Wantland Sandel


  • Linda Hawkins

    Elaine Jukor

  • Brendan Quinlan

    Plant Manager

  • Chris Porter

    Store Keeper

  • J.P. Phillips

    Homeless Black Man

  • Robert M. Owens

    Homeless Indian Man

  • Alexandra Jacobs


  • Keith Swift

    John Bushardt

  • William Joseph Elk III

    Ceremony Dancer / Body Double for Doug (uncredited)

  • Al Strobel

    One-Armed Man


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