The Hold-Up

The Hold-Up (2001)

Lola's a single mom, broke, working as a janitor and maid. Silvia is pregnant, and her lover (her boss) won't leave his wife. Maite, newly a widow, discovers she's penniless but wants to maintain appearances and give her daughter a fancy wedding, and Pecholata, a punk kid living in a youth center, will soon be turned out on the streets. Lola, who cleans a bank every morning, decides to rob it, convincing the others to join her: they'll use replica guns, dress as men, take Silvia hostage, and all will be smooth. But things go awry, including the fact that Lola's ex, Gustavo, is a cop. Desperation may be the mother of invention - and a corrupt bank manager its father.

star 6.0 5.9
  • Release Date: 2001-05-03
  • Runtime: 1h 27min
  • Director: Eva Lesmes

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  • Adriana Ozores


  • Malena Alterio

    Violeta "Pecholata"

  • Maribel Verdú


  • Carmen Maura



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