Bullets for Rustlers

Bullets for Rustlers (1940)

SIX-GUNS...blaze when the crime-buster of the range goes into action!

Steve Beaumont, an operative for the Cattleman's Protective Association, is assigned the difficult task of breaking up a murderous gang of rustlers led by Ed Brock and Strang. He takes Sheriff Webb, Judge Baxter, and rancher Ann Houston into his confidence, and works his way into the rustler stronghold and confidence by "turning rustler" himself.

  • Release Date: 1940-03-05
  • Runtime: 0h 58min
  • Director: Sam Nelson

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  • Charles Starrett

    Steve Beaumont

  • Lorna Gray

    Ann Houston

  • Bob Nolan


  • Dick Curtis


  • Kenneth MacDonald

    Ed Brock

  • Jack Rockwell

    Sheriff Webb

  • Edward LeSaint

    Judge Baxter

  • Francis Walker

    Henchman Ellis

  • Eddie Laughton

    Shorty - Bartender

  • Lee Prather

    Tom Andrews

  • Hal Taliaferro

    Eb Smith

  • Pat Brady

    Pat - Sons of the Pioneers

  • Jack Evans

    Man at Trial

  • Hugh Farr

    Hugh - Sons of the Pioneers

  • Karl Farr

    Karl - Sons of the Pioneers

  • Herman Hack

    Stage Guard

  • Lloyd Perryman

    Lloyd - Sons of the Pioneers

  • Tim Spencer

    Tim - Sons of the Pioneers


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