La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita (1960)

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Episodic journey of journalist Marcello who struggles to find his place in the world, torn between the allure of Rome's elite social scene and the stifling domesticity offered by his girlfriend, all the while searching for a way to become a serious writer.

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  • Release Date: 1960-02-05
  • Runtime: 2h 56min
  • Director: Federico Fellini

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  • Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Rubini

  • Anita Ekberg


  • Anouk Aimée


  • Yvonne Furneaux


  • Magali Noël


  • Alain Cuny


  • Annibale Ninchi

    Marcello's father

  • Walter Santesso


  • Valeria Ciangottini


  • Riccardo Garrone


  • Ida Galli

    Debutante of the year

  • Audrey McDonald


  • Polidor


  • Alain Dijon

    Frankie Stout

  • Mino Doro

    Lover of Nadia

  • Giulio Girola

    Police commissioner

  • Laura Betti


  • Nico


  • Domino

  • Carlo Musto


  • Enzo Cerusico


  • Giulio Paradisi


  • Enzo Doria


  • Enrico Glori

    Admirer of Nadia

  • Adriana Moneta


  • Massimo Busetti

    Miracle child

  • Lex Barker

    Robert - Sylvia's husband

  • Jacques Sernas

    The star

  • Nadia Gray


  • Giuseppe Addobbati


  • Conte Brunoro Serego Aligheri

    Young Man with Mink Coat (uncredited)

  • Gabriella Andreini

    Woman at Nadia's Party (uncredited)

  • Federika André

    Tenant in Steiner's House (uncredited)

  • Armando Annuale


  • Joan Antequera

    Woman at Castle (uncredited)

  • Juan Antequero

    Spanish Gentleman with Eyepatch at Castle (uncredited)

  • Gianni Baghino


  • Nadia Balabine

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Ignazio Balsamo


  • Remo Benedetti


  • Andrea Bianchi

    Man at Nadia's Party (uncredited)

  • Lars Bloch

    Party Guest (uncredited)

  • Leonardo Botta

    Doctor (uncredited)

  • Ida Bracci Dorati


  • Ferdinando Brofferio

    Maddalena's Lover (uncredited)

  • Giovanna Busetti

    Lying Child of The Miracle (uncredited)

  • Tito Buzzo

    Muscle Man (uncredited)

  • Daniela Calvino

    Daniela (uncredited)

  • Tony Campanino

    Man at Nightclub (uncredited)

  • Fabrizio Capucci

    Photographer at Press Conference (uncredited)

  • Donato Castellaneta

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Adriano Celentano

    Self (uncredited)

  • Elisabetta Cini

    Sleeping Duchess (uncredited)

  • Giulio Citti

    Man at Nightclub (uncredited)

  • Leo Coleman

    Negro Dancer (uncredited)

  • Nani Colombo

    Woman at the Mirror (uncredited)

  • Mario Conocchia

    Lawyer with Nadia's Bra (uncredited)

  • Francesco Consalvo

    Scalise's Assistant (uncredited)

  • Tiziano Cortini

    Movie News Cameraman (uncredited)

  • Decimo Cristiani

    Young Man That Doesn't Talk (uncredited)

  • Mario De Grenet

    Man at Castle That Dislikes Dog's Smell (uncredited)

  • Andrea De Pino


  • Adele De Rossi


  • Donatella Della Nora

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Christine Denise

    Woman Eating a Chicken (uncredited)

  • Katherine Denise


  • Carlo Di Maggio

    Toto Scalise (uncredited)

  • François Dieudonné

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Venceslao Dobrzensky

    Giovanni (uncredited)

  • Donatella Esparmer

    Lady with the Irritated Man (uncredited)

  • Paolo Fadda

    Assistant Police Inspector (uncredited)

  • Umberto Felici

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Oretta Fiume

    Lisa (uncredited)

  • Rina Franchetti

    Mother of the Miracle Children (uncredited)

  • Giacomo Gabrielli

    Maddalena's Father (uncredited)

  • Franco Giacobini

    Journalist at the Telephone (uncredited)

  • Angela Giavalisco

    Woman at Airport (uncredited)

  • Romolo Giordani

    Man at Castle (uncredited)

  • Christine Graefeck


  • Lily Granado

    Lucy (uncredited)

  • Libero Grandi


  • Maurizio Guelfi

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Gloria Hendy

    Woman in Via Veneto (uncredited)

  • April Hennessy

    Woman in Via Veneto (uncredited)

  • Nina Hohenlohe

    Woman at Castle (uncredited)

  • Antonio Jacono

    Transvestite (uncredited)

  • Gloria Jones

    Gloria (uncredited)

  • Carlo Kechler

    Man with Clock (uncredited)

  • Else Knorr


  • Paolo Labia

    Servant in Maddalena's Household (uncredited)

  • John Francis Lane

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Sondra Lee

    Ballerina in Spoleto (uncredited)

  • Marianne Leibl

    Yvonne's Companion in Miracle Sequence (uncredited)

  • Guglielmo Leoncini

    Scalise's Secretary (uncredited)

  • Giuliana Lojodice

    Servant at Steiner's House (uncredited)

  • Renée Longarini

    Miss Steiner (uncredited)

  • Francisco Lori

    Man in Miracle Sequence (uncredited)

  • Francesco Luzi

    Radioreporter (uncredited)

  • Mario Mallarno

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Renato Mambor

    A Tall Young Man (uncredited)

  • Vittorio Manfrino

    Tabarin Director (uncredited)

  • Maria Marigliano

    Massamilla (uncredited)

  • Carlo Mariotti

    Male Nurse (uncredited)

  • Gino Marturano

    Pimp (uncredited)

  • Maria Mazzanti

    Woman at Airport (uncredited)

  • Harriet Medin

    Sylvia's Secretary (uncredited)

  • Marta Melocco


  • Nello Meniconi

    Man on Via Veneto (uncredited)

  • Alex Messoyedoff

    Priest at the Miracle Site (uncredited)

  • Gianfranco Mingozzi

    Priest That Lets Steiner Play Organ (uncredited)

  • Lucia Modigliani


  • Maite Morand

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Aurelio Nardi

    Uncle of Lying Children of The Miracle (uncredited)

  • Desmond O'Grady

    Steiner's Guest (uncredited)

  • Liana Orfei


  • Umberto Orsini

    Man in Sunglasses That Helps Nadia Strip (uncredited)

  • Contessa Cristina Paolozzi

    Laughing Girl at Seance (uncredited)

  • Ada Passeri

    Woman in Miracle Sequence (uncredited)

  • Franca Pasut

    Girl Covered with Feathers (uncredited)

  • Loretta Pepi


  • Paola Petrini


  • Cesarino Miceli Picardi

    Irate Man in Nightclub (uncredited)

  • Princess Doris Pignatelli

    Lady in White Coat at Castle (uncredited)

  • Alberto Plebani

    Doctor (uncredited)

  • Oliviero Prunas

    Oliviero - Son of Prince (uncredited)

  • Giovanni Querrel

    Man at Nightclub (uncredited)

  • Giulio Questi

    Don Giulio (uncredited)

  • Concetta Ragusa

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Loretta Ramaciotti

    Woman in Seance (uncredited)

  • Leonida Repaci

    Steiner's Guest (uncredited)

  • Alfredo Rizzo

    Television Director (uncredited)

  • Rosemary Rennel Rodd

    English Medium (uncredited)

  • Giancarlo Romani

    Policeman (uncredited)

  • Franco Rossellini

    The Beautiful Horseman (uncredited)

  • Prince Eugenio Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa

    Don Eugenio Mascalchi (uncredited)

  • Margherita Russo

    Steiner's Guest (uncredited)

  • Anna Maria Salerno

    Prostitute's Friend (uncredited)

  • Anna Salvatore

    Steiner's Guest (uncredited)

  • Archie Savage

    Negro Dancer (uncredited)

  • Lisa Schneider

    Woman in Miracle Sequence (uncredited)

  • Maria Pia Serafini

    Second Lady with the Irritated Man (uncredited)

  • Noel Sheldon

    Man in Via Veneto (uncredited)

  • Isabella Soldani


  • Letizia Spadini

    Steiner's Guest (uncredited)

  • Giò Stajano

    Pierone (uncredited)

  • Gino Talamo


  • Sandra Tesi

    Young Girl Living Nearby (uncredited)

  • Henry Thody

    Reporter (uncredited)

  • Tomás Torres

    Gianelli (uncredited)

  • Iris Tree

    Poetess at Steiner's Party (uncredited)

  • Vando Tress

    Police Inspector (uncredited)

  • Gondrano Trucchi

    Servant at Caracalla's (uncredited)

  • Teresa Tsao

    Woman in Nightclub (uncredited)

  • Winie Vagliani

    The Lady Who sings at Steiner's (uncredited)

  • Leontine Van Strein

    Matinee Idol's Girl Friend (uncredited)

  • Aldo Vasco

    Man in Miracle Sequence (uncredited)

  • Lucia Vasilicò

    Young Woman Making Confession at Nadia's Party (uncredited)

  • Maria Teresa Vianello

    Woman at Airport (uncredited)

  • Sandy von Normand

    Interpreter at the Press Conference (uncredited)

  • Antoinette Weynen


  • Angela Wilson

    Woman in Via Veneto (uncredited)

  • Vadim Wolkonsky

    Prince Mascalchi (uncredited)

  • Maria Teresa Wolodimeroff

    The Bored Lady (uncredited)

  • Gianni Zamputo

    Man at Nadia's Party (uncredited)

  • Italo Zingarelli

    Don Giulio (uncredited)

  • Iolanda Fortini


  • Marta Timar


  • Bruna Cealti


  • Nancy Lecchini

    Party Guest (uncredited)

  • Giulio Tomei

    Night Club Customer (uncredited)

  • Lucia Cavalieri

    Old Woman by the Miracle Tree (uncredited)

  • Rio Nobile

    Nightclub Customer (uncredited)

  • Edward Febo Kelleng

    Party Guest (uncredited)


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