Unboxing Ibai

Unboxing Ibai (2020)

You have never played a story like this.

Esports streamer Ibai Llanos hacks the first unboxing of the new PS5 on Twitch, the world’s leading gaming platform. What initially appears to be a conventional streaming event becomes the first horror film ever produced, executed, and broadcast live, utilising a total of nine cameras, a production crew of seventy people, and an amazing display of live special effects.

star 5.4 4.6
  • Release Date: 2020-11-24
  • Runtime: 0h 10min
  • Director: Jaume Balagueró

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  • Ibai Llanos


  • Ernesto Folch


  • Ander Cortés


  • Antonio Pino


  • Pablo Scapigliati


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