Lamborghini Connect

Lamborghini Connect (2021)

A woman tries to reach her man in his childhood town. While traveling, the woman reflects on her past, and the man thinks about his childhood adventures with his father in his Lamborghini Countach. Their current Lamborghinis help reconnecting with their youth.

  • Release Date: 2021-03-31
  • Runtime: 0h 2min
  • Director: Manuel Savoia

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  • Gaetano Tizzano

    Man (present)

  • Alina Alexandra Félix Mansukhlal

    Woman (present)

  • Vittorio Boscarollo

    Man (past)

  • Andrea de Paoli

    Father (past)

  • Charlotte Uldry

    Woman (past)

  • David Wayne Callahan

    Speaker (voice)


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