The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (1967)

The Jungle is JUMPIN'!

The boy Mowgli makes his way to the man-village with Bagheera, the wise panther. Along the way he meets jazzy King Louie, the hypnotic snake Kaa and the lovable, happy-go-lucky bear Baloo, who teaches Mowgli "The Bare Necessities" of life and the true meaning of friendship.

star 7.2 7.6 65 88%
  • Release Date: 1967-10-18
  • Runtime: 1h 18min
  • Director: Wolfgang Reitherman

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  • Bruce Reitherman

    Mowgli the Man Cub (voice)

  • Phil Harris

    Baloo the Bear (voice)

  • Sebastian Cabot

    Bagheera the Panther (voice)

  • George Sanders

    Shere Khan the Tiger (voice)

  • Sterling Holloway

    Kaa the Snake (voice)

  • Louis Prima

    King Louie of the Apes (voice)

  • J. Pat O'Malley

    Col. Hathi the Elephant / Buzzie (voice)

  • Clint Howard

    Junior (voice)

  • Chad Stuart

    Dizzy (voice)

  • Lord Tim Hudson

    Flaps (voice)

  • John Abbott

    Akela (voice)

  • Ben Wright

    Rama (voice)

  • Darleen Carr

    The Girl (voice)

  • Verna Felton

    Winifred (voice)

  • Bill Lee

    Shere Khan (singing) / Elephant Soldier (voice) (uncredited)

  • Digby Wolfe

    Ziggy (voice) (uncredited)

  • Hal Smith

    Slob Elephant (uncredited)

  • Pete Henderson

    Bandar-Log (voice) (uncredited)

  • Bill Skiles

    Bandar-Log (voice) (uncredited)

  • Leo De Lyon

    Flunky Monkey (voice) (uncredited)

  • Ralph Wright

    Gloomy Elephant (voice) (uncredited)

  • James MacDonald

    Shere Khan & Bagheera’s Roars (voice) (uncredited)


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